Grumpy's Gun Repair is located in Granite Falls, WA, and is ready to service, repair, and restore your firearms. We offer the following services:

Gun Cleaning

Pistols$ 50.00
Revolvers$ 50.00
Pump Shotguns$ 50.00
Semi-auto Shotguns$ 60.00
Semi-auto Rifles$ 60.00
Bolt Action$ 50.00
Rim-Fire$ 50.00

Hot Salt Bluing Services

Rifles$ 225.00
Shotguns$ 225.00
Pistols$ 200.00
Revolvers$ 200.00


Minimum Shop Charge$50.00
Repairs, Minimum Charge$95.00
Parts & Material Extra 
Inspection and quote for repair$35.00
Scope Mounting and Bore sighting$35.00
With Rings, bases & Bore sighting$50.00
Parts & Material Extra 
Check Headspace$45.00
Safety Inspection$35.00
Chamber cast$100.00
Stock Refinishing$125.00
.22 Cal Re-Line$150.00